What kind of oil goes in my engine?

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You can’t get from A to B without engine oil. The engine is the heart of the engine and also needs fluid to move forward. Oil has a number of important functions: it provides lubrication between all moving parts, but also cleaning, protection, sealing and cooling of the engine. But what kind of oil goes in the engine of your car? This is a good and important question. There are many different types of motor oils.

All web shops today have an oil advisor for oil advice on license plate. Easy! Enter the license plate number. Don’t you know? Then enter the make, model and type of your car. This way you know in a short time what kind of oil is in your engine.

You can also always consult a garage. There they can immediately explain to you which motor oil is suitable for your car. A garage often has enough motor oil in stock, so there is a chance that they can also give it or refill it immediately.