What to do if the oil level is low?

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Have you found that the oil level is too low and do you want to know what to do if the oil level is low? We are happy to provide you with more information. A low oil level can cause major problems, because engine oil ensures that all moving parts in the engine are sufficiently lubricated. Without engine oil there will be metal-to-metal contact and the engine will seize up in a short time, you want to prevent this since a snag is often a hugely expensive repair. Often a completely new engine has to be used… Prevention is therefore better than cure. Regularly checking the oil level is definitely recommended.

Getting back to what to do with a low oil level. There are usually 2 lines on a dipstick. The bottom line indicates the minimum engine oil content and the top line the maximum. The difference between the two lines is in most cases 1 liter of engine oil. An average car has an oil content of 4 to 6 liters of oil. If the oil level is low, it is recommended to top it up immediately. Check carefully which type of motor oil is suitable for your car, because you have thick, thin and special types of oils. Motor oil is available online via a webshop or at a gas station, car parts store. Check the oil level and add oil if necessary. A low oil level often indicates oil consumption or oil leakage. This can have several causes.

If the oil level is extremely low, a red light will illuminate on the dashboard. Stop driving immediately, because driving on can cause major problems. If possible, top up oil immediately until the oil is back up to standard. Are you unsure about the seriousness of the situation? Then consult a garage.