Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Lindemann products are all premium quality. They contain a very high content of active substances.

Outstanding Service

With us you can count on personal contact with a permanent contact person. Service is our top priority!

Fast delivery

Fast Delivery

We have all products in stock and can therefore deliver quickly!

About Dutch Performance Products

Dutch Performance Products was founded in 2018 by two young ambitious entrepreneurs. The goal is simple, which is to import and distribute quality products.

Lindemann Performance Products

We are supplier of high-quality products of the Lindemann Performance Products brand from Denmark.

Lindemann products are all of exceptionally high quality. Lindemann offers a solution for almost every lubrication or contamination problem. In addition to our extensive range of additives and lubricants, we also offer custom solutions.

Would you like to buy Lindemann additives? The additives for the automotive industry are available through the DPP shop. We deliver our products to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and France. You can also count on us for excellent service. We work with a permanent contact person which ensures flexibility and clarity!

Car Additives

Are you looking for premium quality oil, radiator and fuel additives for the car that you can easily add yourself? Then you have come to the right place at Lindemann. With over 20 different types of additives and lubricants, Lindemann has a wide range of car products that can add value to your car. Our additives can withstand high temperatures, have anti-wear properties, contain Teflon and provide long-lasting lubrication. All Lindemann oil additives contain the substance Teflon. This fabric has very good resistance-reducing and protective properties. The Teflon ensures more efficient working parts and also long-lasting protection. An oil additive helps against, among other things, oil consumption, a ticking engine, oil leakage and the prevention of engine wear.

Suitable for engines, transmissions, cooling and fuel systems, our automotive products provide superior protection in all conditions, extending life, increasing productivity, reducing engine and machine downtime and improving engine performance. With the petrol or diesel fuel additives you can clean the particulate filter, the injectors or the EGR valve yourself.

The reason for using Lindemann additives is simple. These additives are distinguished by the high concentration of active ingredients, which is reflected in the quality of the additives. We only sell quality products and provide the customer with a long-term solution!